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Alternator Suits Ford Falcon Fairlane Fairmont Cortina XK XL XM XP XR XT XW XY XA XB XC XD XE ZA ZB ZC ZF ZG ZH ZJ ZK TC TD TE TF 3.3L 4.1L 6 Cyl V8

Alternator Suits Ford Falcon Fairlane Fairmont Cortina XK XL XM XP XR XT XW XY XA XB XC XD XE ZA ZB ZC ZF ZG ZH ZJ ZK TC TD TE TF 3.3L 4.1L 6 Cyl V8

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Brand New Quality Alternator - 5 Year Warranty - If you have any questions about our product or need to know if this part will fit your vehicle please contact us.
Adjustment Hole (mm)M10x1.25
Pivot Hole (mm)11
Adjustment to Pivot (mm)166
Pivot Length (mm)76
Inside Feet To Feet (mm)NA
Pulley (mm)82
No Of Grooves1A
FORDBRONCO1981 - 19844.1L Petrol
FORDCORTINATC1972 - 19743.3L Petrol
FORDCORTINATC1972 - 19744.1L Petrol
FORDCORTINATD1974 - 19773.3L Petrol
FORDCORTINATD1974 - 19774.1L Petrol
FORDCORTINATE, TF1976 - 19824.1L Petrol
FORDCORTINATE, TF1980 - 19803.3L Petrol
FORDCORTINATE, TF1980 - 19823.3L Petrol
FORDCORTINATE, TF1980 - 19824.1L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1967 - 19684.7L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1968 - 19694.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1969 - 19704.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1969 - 19705.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1970 - 19724.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1970 - 19725.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1972 - 19734.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1972 - 19735.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1973 - 19765.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1976 - 19794.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1976 - 19795.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1979 - 19824.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1979 - 19825.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1982 - 19834.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANE1982 - 19845.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZA1967 - 19684.7L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZB1968 - 19694.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZC1969 - 19704.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZC1969 - 19705.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZD1970 - 19724.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZD1970 - 19725.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZF1972 - 19734.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZF1972 - 19735.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZG1973 - 19764.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZG1973 - 19765.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZH1976 - 19794.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZH1976 - 19795.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZJ1979 - 19824.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZJ1979 - 19825.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZK1982 - 19834.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRLANEZK1982 - 19845.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRMONTXA, XB, XC1972 - 19794.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRMONTXD1979 - 19824.9L Petrol
FORDFAIRMONTXD1979 - 19825.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRMONTXE1982 - 19825.8L Petrol
FORDFAIRMONTXE1982 - 19834.9L Petrol
FORDFALCON1969 - 19715.8L Petrol
FORDFALCON1970 - 19725.8L Petrol
FORDFALCON1971 - 19725.8L Petrol
FORDFALCON1972 - 19735.8L Petrol
FORDFALCON1972 - 19795.8L Petrol
FORDFALCON1979 - 19825.8L Petrol
FORDFALCON1982 - 19825.8L Petrol
FORDFALCONXA, XB, XC1972 - 19735.8L Petrol
FORDFALCONXA, XB, XC1972 - 19793.3L Petrol
FORDFALCONXA, XB, XC1972 - 19794.1L Petrol
FORDFALCONXA, XB, XC1972 - 19794.9L Petrol
FORDFALCONXA, XB, XC1972 - 19795.8L Petrol
FORDFALCONXA, XB, XC1973 - 19793.3L Petrol
FORDFALCONXD1979 - 19803.3L Petrol
FORDFALCONXD1979 - 19824.1L Petrol
FORDFALCONXD1979 - 19824.9L Petrol
FORDFALCONXD1979 - 19825.8L Petrol
FORDFALCONXE1982 - 19825.8L Petrol
FORDFALCONXE1982 - 19834.9L Petrol
FORDFALCONXF1986 - 19934.1L Petrol
FORDFALCONXK1960 - 19612.4L Petrol
FORDFALCONXL1961 - 19632.4L Petrol
FORDFALCONXL1961 - 19632.8L Petrol
FORDFALCONXM1964 - 19652.4L Petrol
FORDFALCONXM1964 - 19652.8L Petrol
FORDFALCONXM1964 - 19653.3L Petrol
FORDFALCONXP1965 - 19662.4L Petrol
FORDFALCONXP1965 - 19662.8L Petrol
FORDFALCONXP1965 - 19663.3L Petrol
FORDFALCONXR1966 - 19674.7L Petrol
FORDFALCONXR1966 - 19682.8L Petrol
FORDFALCONXR1966 - 19683.3L Petrol
FORDFALCONXT1968 - 19693.1L Petrol
FORDFALCONXT1968 - 19693.6L Petrol
FORDFALCONXT1968 - 19694.9L Petrol
FORDFALCONXW1969 - 19703.1L Petrol
FORDFALCONXW1969 - 19703.6L Petrol
FORDFALCONXW1969 - 19704.9L Petrol
FORDFALCONXW1969 - 19715.8L Petrol
FORDFALCONXY1970 - 19724.1L Petrol
FORDFALCONXY1970 - 19724.9L Petrol
FORDFALCONXY1970 - 19725.8L Petrol
FORDFALCONXY1971 - 19725.8L Petrol
FORDLTDFC1979 - 19825.8L Petrol
FORDLTDFD1982 - 19834.9L Petrol
FORDLTDFD1982 - 19845.8L Petrol
FORDLTDP1973 - 19795.8L Petrol

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